bu:ena found its origin in 2006, highly engaged in the construction and development of renewable energy projects of wind energy. In recent years, the energy policy of the European Union focuses on large-scale projects based on photovoltaic, wind and high-altitude wind technology, as well as the associated production of hydrogen. Starting in 2022, we have decided to work together with SOLAR TRANSACT GmbH, to provide customers with an even more mature service for their entry into the European energy industry. You decide which development stage, architecture and energy utilization you would like to acquire, whether you want to operate it yourself or enter as an investor, whether you also want to connect to the power grid or enter into H2 production.


Whether you are a private or institutional INVESTOR: bu:ena implements your plans around return expectations. As an investor, you have a concrete idea at what stage of maturity you want to enter into projects. Whether this is the early phase of building rights or completed projects that are already connected to the grid for guaranteed remunerated feed-in, you decide. As expected, the Energy Efficiency Act and the governmental preference for investment in alternative, renewable forms of energy open up an investment window in the next years. Take advantage of bu:ena’s established services and access now to achieve your goals more efficiently:

  • from Project Development in PV-, WIND- and ‘ELEVATED WIND’ technology
  • via technical connections to grid operators, PPA arrangements and
  • to utilization of HYDROGEN Projects to foster WIN-WIN Scenarios

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