Investing in profitable projects has found a new challenge with the concept of sustainability. Does the market show more willingness to invest than interesting, profitable projects? In scouting projects, bu:ena combines the topics of sustainability with the expectation of solid profitability. Thus, bu:ena has a large number of projects that can be presented to investors. With further interest, international connections are made.


Whether you are a private or institutional INVESTOR: bu:ena

introduces INVESTORS to selected projects in sustainable assets. Investments in international projects cover a range from one to around fifteen million euros and in some projects put our clients directly in the position of determining the level of corporate and operational involvement themselves.

The procedure is very simple. On the basis of a mutually signed non-disclosure agreement, interested parties are invited to a mutual exchange of personal and economic data. The evaluation of the details then leads to a personal and substantive introduction of acting persons and project objects.

bu:ena ensures that all the data and content needed to start an investment on a sound business footing or to make the transfer to an investment fund possible.

A thematic excerpt of projects ready to hold talks with donors and evaluate investments can be found right here.


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